Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Let Our Students Blog?

What a great little video. Why should we let our students blog? How many educators are actually asking that question? How many are still asking what is a blog?

I took key themes from the video and created a Wordle summary of why it is important to recognize the power of the blog.

Will Richardson has much to say about students blogging. One of my favourite postings on his blog is titled Why Weblogs? The posting is a running collection of compilations from different sources. The first story interestingly describes the lack of connection students made between their participation in the ReadWriteWeb as active reading and writing. “To them, the Internet and other forms of electronic discourse were not associated with their concept of “reading and writing” in the school sort of way”. As suggested in Richardson’s posting, students may indeed see blogging, texting, emailing etc as recreation, not necessarily associated with formal 'school-type' learning. Encouraging students to take part in the blogosphere can create an authentic learning experience that engages passive Internet participants to create conversations that can continue to evolve anytime, anywhere.

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