Sunday, January 4, 2009

Image to Word Image

A random find. While I was searching through the Internet, I stumbled across Textorizer Generator, a free widget that transforms images and logos into a world of word imagery. I decided to try it out as the examples on screen looked fun and interesting.

There are two ways in which try out this tool, download the application or use the online version. I chose to use the online version. According to the creators, Safari, Opera and Firefox are the browsers that work best and this seems to be the case as I first tried creating an image in Explorer with no success. I then moved into Firefox and had an interesting time trying to create something recognizable enough to post on the blog. After a few failed attempts with different logos and pictures, the blogger symbol was finally a logo that proved to be successful in this textorizing experiment. Little did I know that there is an online community of textorizer images posted on Flickr.

From this...

To this...

I used the phrase Teching Around with Web 2.0 to make up the text imagery. Would this application easily be incorporated into an educational setting? No. Most schools use Internet Explorer as the desktop browser. However, the potential to create some cool digital art is waiting for those who are willing to go on a Safari, perform in Opera or travel into Firefox.

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