Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do we ensure specific tech tools match student learning goals? #edchat

Edchat continues to be an exciting collaborative conversation forum for educators via Twitter. Edchat discussions happen Tuesday’s on Twitter and I would invite you to participate using two simple steps:
• Login into the TweetGrid
• Follow the hashtag #edchat

Last night’s #edchat discussion revolved around the question “How do we ensure specific tech tools match student learning goals?” The discussion was very fast paced, but worthy of following because of all of the resourceful and insightful comments from Twitter’s technology PLN. Highlights from the discussion include a snapshot of the following comments:
• Committed teams of educators is the key
• It’s not about the tech tool, but the way students use the tool
• New tech tools have taken over, we cannot ignore the power of their learning potential
• New tech tools bring new energy to the learning environment
DETA Digital Education Teacher Academy
• Tech is a means, not an end
• Do not separate tech from curriculum, integrate/infuse
• New tech tools support ‘relevant’ learning
• Don’t focus on the tech, focus on learning goals at hand
• Many web tools are blocked by districts
• Tech tools needs to be taught & modeled with best teaching practices
• Focus should be on developing sound pedagogy
• How do we evaluate the value of a tech tool?
• Application of knowledge are signs of learning and understanding
• Educators should be using tech tools everyday
• Is education overwhelmed by technology?

Finally, a Wordle from last night’s edchat created by web20classroom lists a culmination of key words from this week’s topic.