Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog This, Read That


It is always insightful and refreshing to read new blog postings from interesting Twiter PLN colleagues. There is never a shortage of new, good blog postings. Actually, I can't keep up with the amount of blog postings I would like to read vs. the number of postings I have a chance to read each week. I have found an abundance of educational blogs that combine professional perspectives, personal insights, exciting educational initiatives, new Web 2.0 tools...and the list goes on. Here are three unique, and different postings that recently found their way to my blog reading this week. Great postings, check them out!

What do we really need to focus on? from Technology: Figuring out how the pieces fit.

So The Journey Begins: The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators from Teacher Reboot Camp.

Thoughts on Combining Technology Integration for Educators with Primary Research from the Social Constructivist.

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