Thursday, September 30, 2010

Student Blogging

More and more teachers are introducing the blogosphere to their classrooms, whether it be through a school blog, class blog or student blogging. For the first time I have taken on a project with grade 7 students to introduce them to the blogging world as content creators. We will be using the ultra easy blogging tool from as individual students can blog without email addresses. While searching for a blogging tool that was appropriate for student blogging in my school, I came across a number of useful websites dedicated to blogging resources, tools and information.

50 Useful Blogging Tools for Teachers

Blogging in Education

Bud the Teacher’s Wiki on Blogging

What You Wanted to KNOW About Student Blogging


Neil Finney said...

Hi Carol,

I think that student blogging could very well be the "journal" of today. Instead of jotting down the notes just right of that thin blue (or red) line, our students would rather pound out the keys or touch-screen thumb dance all over that tablet.

I've used student blogging for a couple of years now and I absolutely notice an increase in engagement and interest (for some), but more importantly, by incorporating it as an approach, I have noticed that I am more willing to shake things up and risk-take in my own pedagogy and approach to teaching.

Do you blog with your students? What do you find are the drawbacks and advantages?

Aviva (@avivaloca) said...

Carol, thank you so much for sharing these links! I was just wondering how you're using blogs in your classroom? Are they purely for writing, or are you using them as a digital portfolio of student work? I've used them both ways in the past, and I'm always interested in hearing what others are doing and why they're doing it.