Monday, June 22, 2009

A School Year in Review

Another academic school year is quickly coming to an end. It has been a busy one! Reflecting back to the beginning of last September, I was unsure of how I was going to get through what seemed like an overwhelming glance of the year at hand. The Fall began with my final regular graduate course titled Exploration of Web 2.0. A fantastic introduction to Web 2.0 tools alongside the creation of this blog as a partial requirement for the course. A plethora of new tools, applications, articles, reports, books were introduced as part of the professional learning. I found myself completely engaged in the twenty-first century participatory culture of Web 2.0 and new technologies.

Technology highlights of my academic school year and my last year of graduate studies include:
• Becoming a blogger
• Following blogs
• Streaming slideshows and creating collages in Flickr/Picasa
• Subscribing to Delicious as my main social booking account
• Creating podcasts using Audacity and PodOmatic
• Exploring virtual libraries
• Creating wikis in pbwiki
• Attending Internet Librarian 2008 Conference in Monterey,CA
• Using VoiceThread personally and professionally
• Attending Kaleidoscope 9 Children’s Literature Conference
• Becoming a Tweeter by joining the Twitter nation
• Setting up Google Reader as my aggregator for RSS feeds
• Using document cameras & Promethean Boards at school
• MEd Convocation Day, June 4th

There’s so much more technology learning to come.
I’m inspired to share more.
I’m motivated to learn more.


Jo-Anne Gibson said...

What a Professional Growth Plan you must have! An impressive list of professional learning you have accomplished this year. Your students are lucky to have you. Now if your division would see the same thing...


Anonymous said...

Lots of personal and professional growth in the area of technology!


Anonymous said...

A list of learning experiences that will be beneficial in the classroom.


Anonymous said...

Carol you are such a wealth of knowledge and experience! Congratulations! I hope that we can tap into some of that at our school some time.
Patricia G