Saturday, October 11, 2008



Joanne de Groot said...

Hi Carol,

I'm glad you discovered the joys of iTunes as a way of 'catching' your podcasts! I love it--I have used it for about a year now I think and find that it is a really neat and easy way to subscribe to podcasts and then listen to them.

Your reading of the book for your podcast was a good idea--and I think it would be a great idea to use with students. Wouldn't it be fun to record a primary student reading a book that could then be shared as a podcast with parents, etc.? It could be added to their digital 'portfolio' so that at the end of the year everyone could see how much they have changed as a reader.

Jo-Anne Gibson said...

I haven't tried itunes yet but you've given me an incentive to give it a go. My three boys have iPods but I don't. I wonder why? (Maybe no money left in the bank after paying for all the repairs!)

I liked the podcast rubric and have added that to my delicious site. Thanks,