Sunday, September 14, 2008

IN2N with Blogging

I'm not sure what to expect…

How does one make a commitment to a blogger program when one doesn’t blog? There are so many decisions to be made. My journey started by taking time to view templates within some recommended programs. I would equate the experience to browsing eye-catching book covers on the 'new releases' shelf at Chapters. I was shopping around to see what template caught my eye. Spending time navigating around the blogs from the previous section of this course also helped establish Blogger as my choice. Once I made the commitment to 'minima dark' a brand new baby blog was created! I quickly celebrated by sending out 'blog announcement' emails to all my friends and family.

So far I am impressed with the ease in which I can create and design a customized template. As a beginner blogger one important criteria for me was that the application be 'user friendly' enough not to have to worry about wrestling with technical malfunctions, but instead be easily engaging enough to support the creative development of content as each week brings new expectations in the Web 2.0 assignments.

As a teacher-librarian I am always trying to keep myself 'IN2N' with current technologies in relation to curriculum and instruction. One question that I have repeatedly asked myself is 'What role do teacher-librarians, as media specialists, have in a school as technology leaders?' Growing up in a digital information age, students have accomplished technical skills such as downloading and instant messaging. Leadership in the higher-level digital literacies are needed in this information age and teacher-librarians can position themselves to take on the role. Technology has rapidly advanced the past few years to include a list such as podcasting, social networking, and video-conferencing. The Web 2.0 is included among the list of current technologies that has advanced the Internet and has the capabilities to embrace collaboration and inquiry in today's classroom.

I'm still not sure what to expect...Web 2.0 possibilities are enormous...Oh, the places we'll go!


Danielle said...

I love the childrens literature photos/slide from flickr on your page. I am going to give flickr a try soon.

Carol said...

Thanks Danielle! It took a couple tries as I had not used flickr before this blog.

Joanne de Groot said...

Hi Carol,

Welcome to the blogosphere! I like the slideshow on the side of your blog, too! I also like your reference to sending out a blog announcement--good idea!

I think you will see that you will go lots of places with all these tools that we explore throughout the term!


Jo-Anne Gibson said...

Hi Carol,
Make that three who think your flickr show is great. To be honest about your site, however, I find it difficult to read with the dark background. It looks really cool but it is hard on my eyes. Just my need to change anything.

That's a good idea about sending out a blog email. That would be a great way to introduce your staff, in particular, to what a blog is, how it works, and how it might be used as a collaborative tool in the classroom.


Carol N. said...

I agree--the children's lit slideshow is great! I'm still trying to get my Flickr slideshow working (any pointers?)

Jan said...

Count that as four for the flickr slide show, it looks great Carol!
Can't wait to try it too.

Squidy said...

I am enjoying your site. I really like the look and your picture! Looking forward to more!

Neil said...

Carol I really thought the Wonderful World of Wordle piece was neat. It has a very artistic feel to me. Often art and technology are seen as opposites. Last year you very effectively had students weave art and technology through the work with "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." I really enjoyed seeing the titles and front covers of some of your favorite childrens' books. Nioce job on the entire blog.